Updating pclinuxos

26-Aug-2017 23:53

I used Unlock Me to install Seamonkey instead of adding the Ubuntuzilla repository and that was super-amazing! Everything I love about can be found there too, and more.

It actually goes to the mozilla’s website, downloads the tarball, unpacks it and installs it in seconds. ” It’s cool that I don’t have the hassle off adding a PPA. If you are a use of any Ubuntu-based distro, I would urge you to visit https://and make your own system easier and safer using the awesome tools to be found there.

Salix, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, LXLE, then PCLinux OS’s Xfce edition, and most recently Linux Lite.

Of these, Linux Lite remains my favorite most of them.

A file saved from a nightly build may not open in a future nightly or any released version. Builds that have "master" in the name of the download package are based on the development branch that will eventually become Muse Score 3, with deep changes to the code structure, many new features, and high instability.

Builds with "2.2" in the name are only slightly different from the current release of 2.1.

PCLinux OS has been around since 2003, and is one of the distributions of Linux that are termed “rolling distributions”.

What this means is that once you install it, it should constantly receive updates and you won’t need to install a “newer” version six months or a year later.

Community images are provided by users for their distributions and have at best voluntary support.

I got started in Linux with Mandrake 8.0, and this was a very familiar and newbie-friendly version of Linux to use.

As best I can tell from the website, the primary edition of PCLinux OS is termed “KDE Full” and is a 1.6 GB iso file.

And to reiterate what I’ve said probably dozens of times, putting beta software in a distro meant for newbies (and technophobes) is unconscionable and unforgivable.

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Linux Mint comes with that vital safety feature, plus some super cool tools like Mint Stick, the USB-stick formatter and writer that I find so intuitive and simple.Info: These are unsupported, because their build process is not maintained in the main repository, but done by a Muse Score contributor, ABL, and are installed differently, like the Development Builds (check the instructions here)The supported releases of Muse Score 2.x require a processor supporting SSE2 or it will crash on startup.