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5 Ministry of Works Government of Pakistan Areas of housing schemes, industrial estates or other land under its jurisdiction, which are leased to or developed by others. P.” means the latest applicable published edition of British Standard Code of Practice. The height of the plinth shall be limited to 4′-6″, except on plots where the natural contours are more than 4-6″ over at least 40% of the plot area as measured from the point at the centre of the property line of the road adjacent to it 2-94. “Professional” means an individual or firm registered as such under the PCATP Ordinance-1983 and PEC Act. “Proposed Plans” means plans submitted for approval in respect of proposed building works and/or land, development work and/or land development work. “Prescribed Form” means form prescribed for various purposes by the Authority. “Preservation” means protection of any building or area from any plot or development which may destroy or change its character. “Professional Engineer” means a person recognized as such under PEC Act and Rules & Regulations framed there under. “Property line” for the purposes of these Regulations means that for part of plot boundary which separates private property from the public property or a private property from another private property. “Proof Engineer” means registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) as Consulting Engineer (Structural Design) and with minimum 10 years experience of structural design of building works and whose name is listed on the panel of Proof Engineers maintained by the Authority. “Public Agency” includes a person or body of persons, autonomous body appointed by or under the authority of Government or the Federal Government and includes Town Councils and Union Councils, as defined in the Sindh Local Government Ordinance, 2001. “Public Use Building” means a building designed for public use and includes a dispensary, post office, police station, Tonga stand and transport stand, town hall, public library, cultural centre, cinema and such other buildings which are meant for public use facilities. “Public Open Space” means open spaces including parks, playgrounds. “Total Floor Area” means the sum of floor areas of all the floors of all the buildings on a plot, less exemption as permitted in these Regulations. “Transport Department” means the Transport Department of the City District Karachi. “Ware house” means a building in which goods are stored. “Waste” includes industrial, hospital and municipal waste and sewage. (1×1.2m) on board and at prominent AUTHORITY Public Notice Board. The notice shall state the place at which, and the officers with whom replies/objections may be filed within a specified time. The officer so designated shall consider the suggestions or objections filed or testimony given and submit a report to the relevant department of City District Government MP&ECD or the Concerned Authority/Authority as the case may be as defined under these Regulations 3-1.1.4. Where a development permit has been granted, if the authority which granted it, finds that any of the provisions of the Regulations or any conditions of the development permit have been violated, the Authority may issue an order revoking the permit: 3-1.2.1.

All powers assigned to Concerned Authorities by these Regulations framed under the Ordinance as amended from time to time. 2-27 “Carpet Area” means the net floor area within a rent-able/saleable unit excluding the area of peripheral walls but including the area of internal walls and columns. “Car Porch” means a shelter or a shed for a car, which is permanently open on at least two sides. “Chimney” means a structure enclosing one or more flues, and includes any opening therein for the function of a heat producing appliance/fireplace. “Chief Controller of Buildings (CCOB)” means the authorized officer of the Authority to effect implementation of these Regulations. “City District Karachi” includes the areas within the jurisdiction of the City District Government. “Clinical Building” means the buildings specified for health and welfare uses as defined in sub-clause 19-2.2.2. “Commercial Building” means a building constructed for commercial use as defined in sub-clause 19-2.2.6. “Commercial use” means commercial (trade uses such as shops shopping centres, markets and other uses as defined in sub-clause 19-2.2.6. “Prescribed” means prescribed by these Regulations. waterways, streets, road and lanes and such other places as defined in these Regulations. “Public Sale Project” means a project designed with the intention of transferring to the public on ownership basis by way of public sale and for which Sale NOC is obtained from the Authority. “Renewal” means renewal of any permission given by the Authority in accordance with the Regulations. “Residential Building” means building constructed for residential purposes, e.g. A copy of the notice shall be submitted to the Concerned Authority which may have referred the matter or under whose jurisdiction the land falls. Public notice relating to change of land use shall be issued under the Authority of MP&ECD which conform to the format at schedule 3C. If the person has misrepresented facts or has suppressed the facts; 3-1.2.2. Every person who intends to carry out building/land development works or to demolish a building or to carry out addition/alteration or repairs in a building, shall engage respective Professional as per tables below, to prepare Architectural/Town Planning Engineering Design and Drawings including specifications and to supervise their respective works at site. The requirement for engagement of Professionals and their authorization as per Clause 3-1.4.1 shall be as given in Tables 3.2 and 3.3.

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Words imparting the masculine gender shall include feminine gender as well. “Addition” means the addition of any unit/structure to any building/structure constructed in accordance with these Regulations, and after obtaining the Occupancy Certificate of the building/structure being added to. “Agriculture” means and includes pasture, horticulture, breeding of livestock including poultry, fish and bees, and the use of land for any purpose ancillary thereto. “Allottee” means a person or a body who purchases a unit in a public sale project. “Alteration” means any change brought about after the approval of Building plan without affecting or violating any provision of these Regulations. “Amalgamation” means the joining of two or more adjoining plots of the same land use into a single plot in accordance with these Regulations. “Amenity Plot” means a plot allocated exclusively for the purpose of amenity uses as define in Chapter 19 of these Regulations, such as Government uses in 19-2.2.1, Health and Welfare uses in 19-2.2.2, Education uses in 19-2.2.3, Assembly Uses in 19-2.2.4, Religious uses in 19-2.2.5, Parks and Play grounds in 19-2.2.7 Burial grounds in 19-2.2.8, Transportation right-of-way in 19-2.2.9, Parking in 19-2.2.10 and Recreational Areas in 19-2.2.12. “Ancillary Building” means a building subservient to the principal building on the same plot e.g. “Apartment” means an independent residential unit consisting of at least one habitable room, bathroom, toilet, and cooking facilities in an apartment building as defined in 2-10 below. “Apartment Building” means a building having more than one storey and containing more than two apartments sharing common staircase or access space. “Approved” means approved in writing by the Authority. “Arcade” means a covered walkway or a verandah between the shops and the street/footpath on which the shops abut. “Architectural Plan” means a plan showing the arrangements of proposed building works, including floor plans, elevations and sections in accordance with the requirements of these Regulations. “Area Standards” means those zoning regulations or other land development requirements or restrictions referred to in these Regulations which have heretofore been, or may hereafter be adopted for a specified area or areas by, or on behalf of, MP&ECD whether or not as part of a detailed plan. “Assembly uses” Assembly uses as defined in Regulation “Attached Building” means a building, which is joined to another building on one or more sides by a common waft or walls. Table 3.3 Maximum Authorization of Professionals Sr. Professional Category I Category II Category III Category IV Category V 1 Building Supervisor Supervision with 2 years experience Supervision with 5 years experience Supervision with 10 years experience ————– ———- 2 Building Designer Design & Supervision Supervision ———- ——— ———– 3 Architect Architectural Design and Supervision Architectural Design and Supervision Architectural Design and Supervision Architectural Design and Supervision 4 Professional Engineer (Civil) Design and Supervision Supervision Supervision with 5 years experience Supervision with 5 years experience Supervision 5 Structural Engineer Structure Design and Supervision Structure Design and Supervision Structure Design and Supervision Structure design and supervision Structure Design and supervision 6 Proof Engineer Structural Vetting Structural Vetting ————– 7 Town Planner ————– ————— —————- —————– Design and Supervision 3-1.4.3.

the responsibility of every Professional signing the plan and documents as above shall be limited to his respective discipline. The professional so engage shall submit to the Authority in writing on prescribed form (ZP-2 in case of building works) of his having undertaken to supervise such work. Change of Professional Where a professional ceases to be in charge of such building works before the same is completed, further execution of such work shall forthwith be suspended by the owner until a fresh appointment is made by the owner.

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6 Sind Industrial Trading Estates Karachi Areas of housing schemes, industrial estates or other land under its jurisdiction, which are leased to or developed by others. bungalow, town house, flats and such other buildings. “Regulations” means Karachi Building & Town Planning Regulations 2002 framed under Ordinance, as amended from time to time. “Repairs” means repair work to services, painting, whitewashing, plastering, pointing and paving and such other works without change in the approved/completion plan. “Revised/Amended Plan” means previously approved drawings/plans re-submitted for approval in accordance with the provision of these regulations. “Road” means a public access-way, including any land reservation for such public access-way whether public or private. “Scrutiny Fee” means a fee to be determined and levied as per the provision of the Ordinance, as amended from time to time. “Society” means an organization registered as such under the relevant laws. “Shop” includes any room or part of a building used, wholly or mainly, for the purpose of trade or business but shall not be used for any activity as may cause noise and nuisance in the neighborhood. “Sub-Division” means the division of land held under the same ownership in to two or more plots. “Sub-division plan” means a layout plan for a proposed sub-division duly approved by or on behalf of the concerned Authority/MP&ECD as provided in these Regulations. “Sun-Shade” means an outside projection from a building to provide protection from weather, which cannot be converted to habitable space. “Supervision” means to oversee and supervise the implementation of approved Architectural/Town Planning/Engineering design and specifications during the execution of buildings/development works at site. “Temporary Structure” means a structure built/constructed purely on temporary basis, wholly within the plot with the approval of the Authority for a specific period of time and which shall be demolished on completion of the project. “Toilet” means a space for personal ablution which includes at least one urinal and/or W. If the person responsible for the violation has not taken the corrective action directed by such Authority within the time specified provided that the Authority has given such person an opportunity to be heard on the matter. Classifications of Development Works For purposes of these Regulations, all buildings and land development shall be classified as per Table-3.1. Table 3.1 Categories of Development Works CATEGORY I – Bungalow on plot up to 120 Sq Yds (100.33 Sq M).

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