Reviews for plenty of fish dating site

18-Jun-2018 15:39

Conclusion POF is a good site with great potential, however looking for a female to respond to your message is harder than it seems let alone looking for a relationship.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...girls say they want something real you show them something real they don't care and just pick the good looking guy that's fake and just wants sex. most of the girls on there are also very generic, love kids, nursing or some type of medical field, and say they are a country girl or are into country guys even if they live in the middle of ****ing Philadelphia!i'd rather be lonely in real life because at least i don't have some stupid fake generic women looking at me thinking i'm not good enough because of the way i look.i used to write a boring bio blah blah and got shit you have to make your self seem different and that you have standards trust me use my profile as an example ..

To Mr/Miss jhustin9: In other words, lies, lies, lies. Besides, looking at your "profile" I can say that you are an absolute illiterate piece of amphibian shit. There is nothing wrong with the site, it's the users.

The profile is generic, not too fancy and straight to the point pretty much, most of the important information such as "have kids", "do drugs" are there so it's good. So I scrolled through a couple of profiles and found much of them with similarities as mine, noting that these girls are not model material or anything special, just seem like your average looking girl with a "great personality" according t0 their profile.

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