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03-Feb-2018 22:14

I was not aware of this so reversed the payment on the same day as it was taken.

I keep getting an email saying 'news on yer profile'... Nothing more than repeated reference to a single profle that was sent to me first, more than a year ago. They took an automatic subscription renewal from me last year, after I stopped using the site, without warning or notification.

The downside of Parship was that when I joined there was an offer for 6 months membership, and it was impossible to join for the 3 month cheaper option, also you cannot see faces clearly nor access any replies until you have parted with cash, so you are really not sure what you are getting until you hand over the…

Read Full Review I have tried a few websites over the last few years, and I feel this website is trying to match up like minded people.

I am trying to find a life long partner, and even though on this occassion I was unsuccessful, I did meet a man who ticked all my boxes !

Personnally their were not many men in my area, but if you do find one then I think there is every chance of a good match.

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Eg click on '1 star' to just display the reviews we have which received a 1 star rating click or 'Within the last month' to display just reviews posted over the last month. Read Full Review Abysmal - they sent me the same people appearing multiple times in emails, my matches had nothing in common with me, and in the whole of London only 46 people matched me - that's nuts!

Furthermore one cancellation letter is not sufficient a confirmation of the cancellation is required. Read Full Review I like the design of the site, went on a few dates before actually finding the one!

It is pricey and you have to watch out for the automatic renewal but overall I would say give it a go… Only a few choices of contacts with blurred out pictures. Read Full Review AVOID PARSHIP LIKE THE PLAGUE I was drawn to Parship by the Personality Testing. I had a couple of dates (in London) with girls with whom I had decent conversation but with whom there was NO CHEMISTRY, which is pretty crucial.

often I'd find profiles blocked, which seems like they do try to stop fraudsters using the site so another good point.

Things changed earlier this year when after taking payment with no problems for several months I'd been on and off the site for several years depending on my current situation I received an e-mail saying payment had…Even after I released my pictures to contacts they could not be viewed as they remained blurred. Then I found the love of my life with Guardian Soul Mates and we've been happy for three years.