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22-Oct-2017 11:09

" She talked to the wind as it tousled her thick red- hair.

Her tongue slid across her full lips, her body tensed like a large cat ready to pounce on an unsuspecting sparrow. For some reason it made her shudder as she picked up the phone and dialed information.

Felicia splashed scotch over the ice in liberal amounts, carried the drinks over to the coffee table and handed one to Charlotte. My favorite scotch served the way I like it, over the rocks.

"This'll warm you up." "Yes, it is a bit chilly out," Charlotte said, then sipped the potent drink slowly. " Felicia was seated on the large comfortable velvet chair and motioned Charlotte to the couch opposite her. relax." Felicia crossed her long sensuous legs, the silk dress gliding effortlessly up her thigh.

"God, I needed that." Charlotte's gaze reverted to the button of Felicia's dress for the third time, watching the long painted fingers playing with it.

Charlotte thought again of George and was again glad he wasn't here. "You're very beautiful," Felicia said abruptly, her voice heavy, laced with sex.

She forced a smile anyway, suspicious about what she might have to do for the help.Her other hand toyed with one of the buttons of her dress.