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Others, like the Lightning closure, was invented in the 1870s and is still in use today.Closures can also often assist in determining what type of bottle one has, i.e., what the bottle was most likely used for if (e.g., liquor, soda) it is not otherwise obvious.This variety is illustrated later on this page with links to several dozen canning jars exhibiting a kaleidoscope of closure types most of which saw very limited popularity and use.Like finishes, the subject of closures is a complicated one with the variety of closures exceeding the variety of finishes.The crystal carafe from the 1930s, whose value is estimated at €50,000.00, has no peer.Its contents, LOUIS XIII Grande Champagne Très Vieille Age Inconnu, is a crown jewel of the House of Rémy Martin, containing eaux-de-vie dating back to the mid-19th Century.Though thousands of closure designs were patented, and many hundreds used, just a handful achieved widespread popularity based on inherent simplicity and effectiveness.

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At the same time, the expansion of the ever growing population into the farming regions of the Midwest created a need for methods and equipment to preserve foods. With the expansion of these demands came the need for suitable containers all of which had to be properly sealed to function.Minor and obscure closure types are beyond the scope of this website as such information would at best only marginally assist in the goals of the site (dating & typing a bottle) and would occupy an inordinate amount of space (see Closures are a useful subject to explore since the type of closure that a bottle had can often provide some dating refinement when used during a relatively narrow time frame.

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