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The pair star together in the independent movie Gifted.Evans plays Frank Adler, the uncle who cares for niece Mary (Mckenna), whose mother is out of the picture.It’s just that it all feels a bit Postman Pat top-heavy, as opposed to seat-of-the-pants sliding around underneath you.I suppose the real question for anyone considering the ST-Line over the base model (cheaper but a lot less easy on the eye), or perhaps waiting for the fully blown ‘real’ ST super-hatch (due next spring), is: do you want a car that looks more exciting than the boring one while knowing it’s not as exciting as the one that’s coming next.Chris Evans is the last dude you'd expect to get misty eyed over his leading lady, unless that lady happens to be a ten-year-old by the name of Mckenna Grace.The pair star together in the independent movie Gifted Chris Evans is looking tough-guy fit: honed and toned with biceps bulging.And the boot was my pet hate, with its annoying habit of coming to a halt halfway between closed and open.As far as driving is concerned, my favourite aspect of the car is the one that isn’t entirely new – the miraculous 1.0-litre Eco Boost turbocharged three-cylinder engine.

Those poetic French have a saying, C’est le petit Jésus en culotte de velours, which translates as, ‘It’s like little Jesus in velvet underpants.’ A phrase Gérard Depardieu uses so often he’s rumoured to have it printed on a T-shirt so he can just point his approval.

‘There was time to develop a bond, and trust built very quickly. We trusted each other.‘Mckenna’s mum was with her and we all hung out and ate together when we could,’ Evans told me.

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